Camp: Summer Vacation

Camp: Summer Vacation was a site-specific performance/installation that took place at the 24th Annual High Performance Rodeo at the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts in Calgary Alberta in January 2010. The project reflects the partial/full fish-bowl quality of campsites, particularly those in Canadian Provincial and National Parks. Camp: Summer Vacation was a re-creation of the campsite domestic space as it is formed within the public world of the campground. For the duration of twelve hours, T.L. Cowan and Julianna Barabas enacted lesbian/queer camping rituals as they would be “performed” in the context of a Provincial or National campground.

I was situated as the paparazzi voyeur in the next campsite. Camp: Summer Vacation sought to question the myriad of ways that queer couples negotiate space and intimacy through the performance of the mundane, yet often emotionally, politically, and socially complex tasks and rituals carried out in campsites.