Reframed Refrain: A Sampling of the History of Performance Art

Reframed Refrain was a six-hour performance by Julianna Barabas and myself in response to the exhibition Leaving Olympia curated by Ruth BurnsĀ at the Art Gallery of Alberta. The performance took place within the galleries of this exhibition. For the performance we sampled, paired, remixed and reframed iconic performance art works from 1965 to the present. Marked in previous performances by a tattoo line that circumnavigates her body, Barabas acts as performer. Informed by my practice as a video artist and art history professor, I acted as videographer. Using the video camera as a performer in and of itself alludes to how our identities are increasingly constructed through technologies and the Internet.

Drawing upon themes of mortality, ethics, the gaze, and the idealized nude explored in the Leaving Olympia exhibition and employing strategies of duration, costume, gesture, choreography, use of props and audience participation, this performance project provides an expanded historical perspective and invites you to challenge your assumptions about the nude, identity and gender politics.