Upon Request Seminars

Is there a particular seminar about art that that you would like to take?

I offer upon request seminars in my living room, live online, and I can bring the seminar right to your own living room.

Each seminar must have at least 4 students enrolled to run.

I have taught courses on thirty nine different topics & eras from prehistory to the present at universities and colleges in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Portraiture in Contemporary Art
Sculpture in the Expanded Field: 1970-Present
Contemporary Photographic Practices: 2000-2020
Themes in Canadian Art
Contemporary Canadian Art
20th Century Art: 1900-1945
20th Century Art: 1945-1970
20th Century Art: 1970-2000
21st Century Art: 2000-present
Survey of 18th and Early 19th Century Art: 1700-1850
Late 19th Century Art: 1850-1900
History of Architecture: 1800-present
History of Interior Design: 1900-present
Collage Workshops

Email to request a seminar.

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